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Home away from Home

The family solution for hassle free holiday accommodation


We’ve all done it – spent hours searching for that elusive hotel room deal during the school holidays only to discover it doesn’t exist or doesn’t quite fit with our family requirements – booking 2 hotel rooms with an adjoining door; or requiring a family sized room big enough to sleep our growing family or a separate room for the mother-in-law – families don’t come in ‘one size fits all’ and our requirements for modern day holiday accommodation are changing. The thought of dining at a time that suits a hotel restaurant rather than your family, or warming bottles in the night to feed a baby, or keeping children quiet when they wake up at 6am is hard work. Not a relaxing start to a well needed family break. For that Home away from Home experience why not try Serviced Accommodation today.

Serviced apartments offer the modern day family a great alternative to a hotel, offering greater flexibility, space and often value for money. Here are a few reasons why they could be the perfect solution for your next family holiday.


Who needs just one room when you can have several to relax in, including separate communal areas such as a kitchen and dining/living area. Children can have their own bedrooms whilst remaining safely in view. You can get ready at leisure when venturing out for the day, taking your time to make sure you’ve grabbed everything you need and if you want to eat in, rather than go out to a restaurant then you can! When it’s time for bedtime you can be happy knowing you don’t have to be quiet for the rest of the evening so as not to wake little ones up – instead put them to bed and then unwind in the living area away from sleeping children.


Often serviced apartments offer home from home entertainment for the kids and whilst we’d all like to think we can have a week away without the children glued to their gadgets and the television, sometimes we all need a 5 minute rest and if the children are happy then that makes happy parents. Often equipped with television, DVD player and Wi-Fi, serviced apartments offer something that the average hotel room just can’t compete with when catering for families.

Practical appliances

Whilst we’d all like to think about not doing the laundry for a week, the reality is that children do spill things, get their favourite top dirty and just generally run out of clothes on holiday. Why not take advantage of packing a bit lighter and just knowing there is a washing machine in your serviced apartment will make you relax and worry a little less.


Eating out on holiday is definitely my favourite bit, but in reality, sometimes it’s just easier to cook and stay in with little ones, especially after a long day out. It’s also quite nice to relax with a glass of wine knowing they are happy and not have to pack up a bag of colouring and toys to entertain them in a restaurant and not forgetting it’s cheaper if you’re on a budget.

All in all, serviced apartments really do offer families a more flexible option when looking for holiday accommodation. A home from home experience – one which allows families to relax and unwind and enjoy time together – which is essentially all we are looking for our next holiday.

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