You don’t want to stay there…

All too often we hear people say that Serviced Accommodation is not a good alternative to hotels, and to be honest before I stayed in one I felt the same.

Then I went to Barcelona one year and stayed in a Serviced Apartment by mistake, because I never would have chose it if I had of known.  It was the best mistake I ever made.

I went to the local shop and bought some food it was fresh, and wow I was going to be doing what I love doing, I was going to live like a local and eat like a local.  The food was cheaper than eating in a restaurant and I could eat my breakfast in my pyjamas, or something else if that is what I fancied (wink, wink).  What more could someone ask for.

Since then I have ditched the all inclusive holidays and rented Serviced Accommodation everywhere I go. It is so much more flexible when it comes to eating times and entertaining.  If you are like me you often eat at odd hours when your am on holiday, so when I was hungry at stupid hour in the morning after being out hiking or after enjoying a beverage with the locals, it is nice to know I can go back to my apartment and whip up something nice to eat or just re-heat some of the left overs from dinner.  I am never forced to eat in a restaurant every night of the week which is such a relief, don’t get me wrong I love restaurants but for breakfast, lunch and supper it is just too much!

When I was travelling for business it was so nice to know I didn’t have to pack up my laptop to eat or sleep. I really hated eating on my bed in my hotel room so I always looked for more space and different rooms and that is where serviced accommodation came into play.  

My partner and our friends went on holiday together and we simply rented a two bedroom house for a fraction of the price of what two hotel rooms would cost.  There was no better solution for us, and what was wonderful was we bought our own wine stored it in the fridge and saved a ton on our entertainment costs.

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