Business Benefits

Our apartments has many business benefits which our guests benefit from. Select serviced apartments offer tangible, quantifiable business benefits over traditional hotels.

 1. Cost

For stays of one week or more, serviced apartments can be significantly cheaper than hotels because their costs are lower and extra’s such as room service, hotel restaurants and bars do not apply in the serviced accommodation model.  Many businesses will measure the savings as “total cost of stay” including car parking Wi-Fi, food and beverages.

Businesses benefit from our super fast and unlimited Wi-Fi which is always included in the price of your accommodation. As all our accommodation provides our guests with a fully equipped kitchen, guests can buy their food and drink and prepare it when it suits them. This not only provides a cost savings and health benefit but also flexibility and a better standard of living.

2. Environment

 A secure, homelike environment whilst away on business - especially for long periods – makes the traveller relaxed and more productive.  This is part of corporates’ statutory Duty of Care to their employees.
Our accommodation is secure and has all the latest fire and safety devices which ensures the safety and security of our guests.

 3. Cooking

 Although some hotel rooms are often equipped with microwaves and coffee makers, our properties are always equipped with fully-functioning kitchens, enabling the traveller to entertain and the company to control food budgets. This allows our guests to eat healthy food while travelling away on business, there is no need for restaurants unless our guests choose to eat in them.  Healthy food will improve overall productivity and reduce illness in your employees.

4. Personalized

Serviced accommodation allow guests to customise the service they require, for example we provide full laundry facilities.  This enables our guests to travel lighter and look after accidental spillages on their clothing items as and when necessary.  If a guest has particular food requirements they no longer have to hunt around for a restaurant to accommodate them, they can easily make their own meals and control all that they eat all for every meal.